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Teal Turned Up

The Sitting Room faces to the west within a Manor House, full of historic charm and surrounded by nature. A design brief to bring more warmth to the room was an absolute must. Our Client wanted to use the space more for a variety of family activity and despite the occasional fire, the room often felt cold and far from cosy; over time becoming under-used.

We began by preparing a colour scheme to compliment all of the existing belongings. To complete the design, we also advised on aspects of repositioning and sourced soft furnishings and lighting with a more contemporary finish.

The brave teal, orange and red combination encourages both warmth and stimulation, to support the combination of engagement and relaxation within the room. Its a palette that our Client would not have reached herself and is thrilled with, as it has since brought everyone back into the room.

The room is now warm and inviting on a cold winter’s evening, as much as on a balmy warm Summer’s evening. The colour scheme has made all the difference.